About The Podcast

Witty is a bi-weekly podcast where female technology leaders share their stories.

In 2016, founder and host, Yasmin Alameddine, was graduating Cornell University. After studying Communication, conducting research in mobile technology, and completing internships in digital media, she decided to work in the technology industry.

Yasmin started her career at IBM as a partner manager, and then moved on to be a content manager at Shopify. Throughout the year she attended countless networking events, panels, and lectures all on the topic: women in technology. Although Yasmin appreciated these initiatives, she could not help but feel that they kept repeating the same problem: women are at a disadvantage in this male-dominated technology field. Simultaneously, Yasmin kept meeting, learning, and working alongside incredibly successful female technology leaders.

Instead of repeating the problem "women are at a disadvantage in this male-dominated technology field," Yasmin wanted to highlight the intelligent, hilarious, generous women who were successfully navigating the technology industry. With that: Yasmin started Witty.

On Witty, Yasmin sits down with female leaders and has fun, candid conversations their stories in the technology industry.

Witty's guests range from start-up founders, Bumble founders, Instagram Data Scientists, Netflix recruiters, Google marketers, to angel investors. They share their first exposure to technology, the challenges they face in the industry, and their thoughts on the changing landscape.

Witty is growing quickly, backed by an all-women team, partnering with women-first organizations, and reaching over 26,000 loyal listeners in over 45 countries.



For general inquiries please email us at wittypodcast@gmail.com