3 Points to Consider When Starting a Small E-commerce Business from Home

The e-commerce industry is currently enjoying impressive growth and is one of the best ways to set up a small business as an entrepreneur. In 2023, the total market size for e-commerce is expected to reach $6.3 trillion, and year-on-year growth is projected to the end of the decade and beyond.

Put simply, if you have a unique idea for a product or service to sell online and have thoroughly researched the market, you could generate significant levels of revenue.

This can be either as a main form of work or to simply give you another meaningful source of income. In this article, three unique points to consider when starting an e-commerce firm will be explored in detail.

Add creative blog content

A sleek, responsive, and well-designed website is one of the key features of any successful e-commerce business. As purchases are made entirely online, the site needs to provide an efficient and enjoyable surfing experience for visitors so that they can be converted into paying customers.

However, an often-overlooked part of the site is additional content in the form of blogs and interesting articles. Put simply, regularly posting high-quality, interesting, and informative content on your site will help to make it more visible online.

In addition, it will help to generate repeat visits from interested customers who want to engage with the content. This can lead to securing repeat customers and can be a key way to build your brand awareness and brand recognition. Conduct keyword research to find topics that are of interest to your target market.

Short-tail keywords may gain greater traffic; however, these are normally contested by larger e-commerce sites that have extremely high levels of traffic. It is often better to target longer-tail keywords to gain visitors who are looking for more specific products or information.

Think about shipping

When your e-commerce business begins to generate sales, you will want to ensure that the goods are delivered promptly, arriving in perfect condition at their destination. If your business sells bulky or heavy goods, it is vital to seek out the services of a dedicated shipping firm such as Shiply.

Such firms can often provide shipping rates that are up to 75% cheaper than standard rates, as a range of delivery firms will compete to provide the lowest possible quote for your shipments.

If you are selling smaller volumes of goods, the shipping firm will likely deliver them as part of a longer journey. This will also help to keep your shipping costs down and maximize the profits you make from each sale.

Secure payment facilities

Regardless of what you plan to sell online, it is incredibly important to ensure that your website offers secure payment facilities to its customers.

Personal and financial customer information should always be encrypted when a purchase is made so that these sensitive details cannot be stolen and used by cybercriminals.

Put simply, today’s online consumers will not use sites that do not feature secure payment facilities and your business will struggle to complete orders without this functionality.

In addition, ensure that all web pages use “https” at the beginning of their URLs so that potential customers recognize that each page is encrypted.

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