Best Proxy Switcher Extensions for Chrome in 2022

Online insecurity is at an all-time high, with more brands falling victim to data breaches today.

This has inspired the invention of numerous tools such as proxies that provide extra layers of security when people go online.

Other methods include using a virtual private network (VPN) or extensions like the Tor browser. While these can also keep sensitive data safe and ensure anonymity, proxies are a more common option because of their diversity.

Users can use any proxy and even allocate one proxy per task. But sometimes, managing all the proxies at once can become challenging.

This new problem set has inspired the invention of other tools known as proxy extensions. Chrome proxy extension, for instance, can be used for free to manage and control countless proxies just by the click of a button. To learn more about one of the best proxy extensions on the market, check out this page.

Obviously, selecting which proxy switcher extension can also become a dilemma for some users. This is why this guide describes the best proxy switch extensions in the market and how to use them for several proxies at once.

What Is A Proxy Switcher Extension?

A proxy can be defined as a tool for mediating connections between a user and the web. They help forward requests from users to the internet and return results accordingly.

They work using their internet protocol (IP) address and location while hiding the users. This way, users can access the internet safely and anonymously.

A proxy switcher extension is a program that helps with proxy management. It can be downloaded and installed on the Chrome browser and then automatically switched between proxies.

It works like rotating proxies but switches proxies instead of IPs. The tool is especially important if you work with several proxies at once and perform different tasks each day.

Activities like web scraping and managing multiple social media accounts often require different proxies.

Using the wrong proxy for the wrong operation can immediately result in an IP ban or block and other kinds of restrictions.

Similarly, manually switching between proxies requires too much time and effort and could lead to errors in selecting the right proxy. This could, in turn, lead to any of the restrictions associated with using the wrong proxy.

Different Proxy Switcher Extensions and How to Use Them

A switcher can be downloaded as a Chrome proxy extension, and all the major switchers are compatible with the Chrome browser.

To help you make the best choice, below are some of the best and most popular proxy switcher extensions in the market.


This software is considered one of the most advanced switching tools for proxies. This advancement translates into extra capabilities and features that users can easily enjoy.

However, it is still very simple to use. It works using a URL pattern and can identify this link to decide which proxy to use.

The feature known as GeoShift allows you to navigate the internet from any location of your choice among the 100 countries it provides.

To enjoy all these amazing features, you will first need to create an account with FoxyProxy.

Nonetheless, the service and its benefits are free for anyone to use.

Proxy Switcher

This switcher extension is supported on more programs than the FoxyProxy switcher, which functions on only Chrome and Firefox.

It can also work with Opera Mini; hence if you intend to use all three browsers, this may be the right switcher for you.

You can add as many proxies as you want and control them by clicking a button. Its unique feature is the compatibility with even PAC proxies.

You can switch between numerous countries using Proxy Switcher and even access servers that contain passwords.

Other basic proxy functionalities such as unblocking restricted content and hiding original IP and location are also allowed.

Proxy SwitchOmega

One thing that makes this proxy switcher stand out is that it is open-sourced. So that while being able to perform the numerous other functions expected of a proxy switcher, it has a large supportive community behind it and enjoys regular updates and improvement.

It is also free and works well on both Chrome and Firefox browsers. Once you have downloaded and installed it, switching and swapping between proxies is exceptionally easy.

You can easily navigate between separate proxies automatically using this extension. However, this may be challenging if you have subscribed to shared proxies.

The switcher does not work well with shared proxies and may fail to establish any connections.


It is no longer debatable whether or not brands should use private proxies. What is even slightly debatable is how many proxies each brand should use to guarantee their online safety and protection.

Multiple proxies are therefore important but managing them should not be a problem. And this is why proxy switchers are essential to make the switch from one proxy to the other seamless and automated.

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