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Best way to find out your WiFi Password on iPhone


Once you log in, instantly, almost all smart devices connect automatically to a Wi-Fi network—As a result, Wi-Fi passwords are quickly overlooked these days. Although iPhones lack built-in tools for readily displaying the password of your Wi-Fi network, there are methods to find it out.

There are several reasons you may require authentication to your Wi-Fi password — such as maybe you’d like to share it with another person or maybe you wish to connect to a Wi-Fi network on an Android smartphone. 

Here are some ways How to see the Wi-Fi password on iPhone, read further to know, and try it out!

Follow these steps if you are still searching for How to see Wi-Fi passwords on your iPhone?

These instructions will walk you through locating your Wi-Fi password by logging into your network from your iPhone. Admittedly, there is no alternative approach to finding your Wi-Fi password using only your iPhone.

To locate your iPhones Wi-Fi password—follow the below listed:

1. On your iPhone, launch the Settings app.

2. Then select Wi-Fi.

3. Then, click “i” next to the name of your Wi-Fi network.

4. Then, hold down the numbers next to the Router and Copy the router’s IP address.

5. Launch your iPhone’s web browsers such as safari or chrome.

6. Then, in the search field, paste your router’s IP address and enter.

7. If you get the warning “This Connection Is Not Private,” press Advanced, then Proceed.

8. Tap Sign In after entering your router’s username and password.

9. Then, select Wireless.

10. Last, under the network name, you will find your Wi-Fi password.

Then you may remove your Wi-Fi password and replace it with something more memorable—Just ensure to save it when you’re finished, otherwise, your changes won’t take effect.

If you are unable to use the preceding approach for any reason, you may find your Wi-Fi password on your iPhone using a Mac computer.

Seeing Your Wi-Fi Password using iCloud

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