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Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story?

Instagram feed screenshot

For some reason, you might want to save or take screenshots of people’s Instagram stories or photos. But what about if the person gets notified about your action? Isn’t it really embarrassing? So, the question is will Instagram notify people if you take screenshots of their story? While some platforms notify their user immediately after taking a screenshot, Instagram deals with this differently. To learn about whether Instagram notifies people or not about the screenshots, continue reading this article.

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story?

No, Instagram does not send any notification to the users when you take a screenshot of their posts, photos, or stories. Therefore, you can take screenshots without worrying about the embarrassment of being noticed. Even, you will not ever receive any notification if others screenshot your stories or posts.

However, Instagram released this notification feature back in 2018 and started to notify the users if others would take screenshots of their posts, photos, or stories. But after a few months, Instagram withdrew the features. Instagram might have introduced this notification feature in the future. But until then, you can take screenshots of the stories of your crush or ex. Instagram will not notify them.

Does Instagram Notify Users When You Screenshot DMs?

Yes, but not all screenshots of direct messages will be notified. If you screenshot a disappearing photo or video message, then Instagram will notify the users. So, what is a disappearing message?

If someone enables the disappearing message feature and lets you see the message temporarily and then if you take a screenshot of the message, the person will be notified. When one sends a message that is captured from within the chatbox of the DM through a camera, this message is also a disappearing message. You can view this message for a limited time and if you take a screenshot of that message, Instagram will notify the sender.

Will Instagram Notify People If You Take Screenshots of Their Profile?

No, Instagram will not notify the users whether you take screenshots of their profiles, followers lists, or other screens- including videos, stories, photos. You can also take a screen recording of the video posts by the users and Instagram will not notify them. You can fearlessly take the screenshots of any part of the application unless you are screenshotting the DMs.

Why Take Screenshots When You Can Bookmark the Videos and Photos?

If you like any post, photo, or video and want to see them later, you can save them using the bookmark option of Instagram. Thus, you don’t require to take screenshots of the posts. However, to see your saved posts using a bookmark, you need an internet connection. While you can see the screenshots offline. However, if you do not want your mobile gallery to fill up with screenshots, you can use bookmark by following some simple steps-

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