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Everything to Know about Snapcode: A Comprehensive Guideline to Download, Edit, and Use


For the Snapchatters, Snapcodes are crucial to add someone as a friend and follow his or her story. Snapcodes are special types of images that you can scan through Snapchat. The scanning of a Snapcode can help you to do different things, such as unlock filters, add new friends, connect to the websites and exclusive content, and many other things. Having your Snapcode has become essential for the development of the Snapchat platform. This article will help you know how to download and edit a Snapcode PNG.

How to Download Your Snapcode?

You have to go through the following steps in order to download your Snapcode.

Then, click on the ‘Download Snapcode’ button

How to Edit Your Snapcode Images?

Guidelines to Use Snapcode:

In order to ensure the correct scan of the Snapcodes and make your Snapcodes’ appearances excellent, you need to follow some tips, such as-

Before you post your Snapcode, you need to test it to ensure successful scanning.

You can insert an image inside the Ghost logo to personalize your Snapcode.

You can add language or powerful words around the Snapcode to insist others scan your Snapcode.

When you package your products, you can put your Snapcode on the package. However, before going to the mass production of the packages, you need to effectively test your Snapcode.

In order to make your Snapcode look beautiful, you should differentiate the dots, frames, and the outline of the ghost area from the lighter color code layer by using contrast.

You should avoid glossy material to print your Snapcde as this material makes it difficult to scan your Snapcode.

Rules to Use Snapcode

When you are using Snapcodes, you should follow some prohibition rules to ensure effective scan of the Snapcode, such as-

You should always follow these rules in order to have correct functioning from the Snapcode.

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