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HBO OTT Platform: A Sneak Peak into Some Frequently Asked Questions

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Watching a show on HBO can cost you quite some bucks if you take up a monthly subscription. There have been many queries about the HBO Student discount – but sadly the HBO student discount has been discontinued.

HBO has three product lines for its viewers –
a) HBO Now

b) HBO Go

c) HBO Max

Finding the most economic choice can be quite critical – HBO Max is the most economic option for you – if you are a student.

HBO has a host of shows lined up – one for every genre – and you don’t need to hop from one platform to another.

Is there any free subscription for students on HBO?

If you are a student who is residing on the college campus, you gain an access to HBO Go. It is 100% free of charge, thus giving you the liberty to load your time with some excellent shows!

All you need to do is – just go to the home page of the HBO website, search for the product & sign up using your credentials. 

HBO has a great collection of shows – which you must not miss out on!

Can more than one profile be created per HBO subscription account?

HBO follows a similar model – as followed by other OTT Giants – like Netflix. Based on one subscription, 5 profiles of the immediate family members can be created.

How does creating a profile help you – well it helps in keeping a track of the shows you have been watching – what’s more important are the recommendations.

Not everyone watches similar kinds of shows – and the algorithm suggests the one which matches your taste – based on your account activity. 

We don’t recommend sharing your profile with anyone outside your household – or immediate family members. 

What is the limit on the simultaneous streams on HBO?

Simultaneous streaming is when two people are streaming a show at the same time but from different devices. HBO permits up to 3 users to use the HBO account – at the same time.

It is one of the coolest things – the reason being – you can watch your favorite sport, your wife can tune into her nail-biting web series & your kid can be thrilled with his awesome kid’s show!

Bringing the family together is the sole aim of HBO – and simultaneous streaming only makes it better.

Is there any free trial available for HBO max?

HBO max lets you enjoy your favorite shows – for an entire week, without charging a penny! If you love them – then you can tune in to purchase a monthly subscription for $14.99 – to enjoy the best shows on the network. 

Are there any cancellation charges for HBO max?

HBO Max doesn’t have any cancellation charges. As per the policy, you can opt to cancel your subscription at any point in time – and you shall not be billed from the next month, anymore. 

Is there any device limitation for HBO subscribers?

HBO doesn’t have any limit in terms of the number of devices that a user can use. Also, there is no requirement for any WiFi network, to be the same as your original sign-up – to be allowed access to HBO. 

What makes HBO max different from other OTT platforms?

It is the issue of copyright – unlike other OTT platforms, all the content on HBO max is directly from WarnerMedia. The rights are owned by them – so there are no worries about running out of the rights – thus ending up losing out on the shows.

The shows will always be available on HBO. 

How is HBO max different from HBO?

HBO max offers an exquisite experience of 10,000 + hours of shows and entertainment – with acquired shows & movies too. A smorgasbord of original shows with great content – curated for kids as well, that makes it different from HBO. 

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