How to Increase Average Order Value in Your Tech Store

Upselling in a tech store isn’t easy, as most customers will likely enter with a specific gadget in mind that they want to buy. Fortunately, you can introduce one or more tactics to encourage your customers to add more items to their shopping baskets.

Don’t limit your business to one or two items per order. Find out how to increase the average order value in your tech store.

Introduce Attention-Grabbing POS Displays

You can boost sales with engaging displays that will command your customers’ attention at the checkout. An eye-catching display will encourage impulse buys as customers are waiting to pay for one or more products.

However, you’d be wise to promote lower-cost items over expensive products, as customers won’t hesitate to grab them. The chances are that customers won’t buy a smartphone or tablet on a whim, but they maybe tempted to pick up a USB cable, tech magazine, smartphone case, or laptop bag.

Of course, you must encourage your staff to pay close attention to the display, as you might need to tidy it throughout the day or replenish products. This will ensure that it continues to grab attention for the right reasons, increasing the likelihood of a customer picking up an item.

Bundle Products to Increase Sales

Product bundles are a superb way to provide your customers with more value for money while boosting the company’s revenue. Combine complementary products to create a deal that’s too good to refuse. For example, you could run a “buy three for the price of two” promotion to create a higher average order value. Alternatively, you could provide customers with a gift when they buy two of the same or complementary items at the same time. However, you must develop a smart pricing strategy to ensure that your business will generate a profit on a bundle.

Cross-sell Products at the Checkout

Cross-selling is the tactic of recommending that a customer buy a complementary product, such as a portable charger for a smartphone. Train your hardworking team to cross-sell at the checkout in a natural, helpful way. It could encourage a customer to add an extra item to their order, increasing your company’s revenue and profit margin. Plus, the friendly, caring experience could encourage them to return time and again.

Run Time-Sensitive In-Store Offers

Time-sensitive offers will create a sense of urgency, encouraging customers to buy a product at a cheaper price instead of mulling it over. For example, run a flash sale to increase foot traffic into a shop as people might be eager to get their hands on a discounted smartphone, laptop, TV, desktop, or various accessories. Don’t forget to promote the in-store offer on your social media channels to generate hype and convince more customers to drop in and buy a gadget or two.

Boosting the average order value at a tech store isn’t a simple feat, but it is possible with the above top tactics. Introduce attractive displays, compelling deals, and complementary bundles to increase the number of items per basket while boosting the business’s profit margins.

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