How to Set a Timer on Spotify

The experience of listening to music to fall asleep is simply great. However, if there is no one to stop your music while you are asleep, you will end up draining your battery. To help you stop your music after a certain time and prevent the drainage of your battery, Spotify has launched the Spotify Sleep Timer in 2019. In this article, we will help you to know how to set a timer on Spotify.

What Is Sleep Timer on Spotify

The sleep timer feature of Spotify just works as a timer for music. With the help of this feature, you can set a time after which the application will automatically stop playing your music. Thus, you can use this feature for your bedtime in order to prevent battery drainage ensuring stop playing songs after a certain period. However, this feature of Spotify’s sleep timer is only available for Spotify mobile app. Therefore, you can use the sleep timer on Android phones, iPhone, and iPad, not on computers.

How to Set Up Sleep Timer on Spotify

For using the Spotify sleep timer, you need to go through the following steps, such as

Step 1:

First, you need to open the Spotify application on your smartphone. If you do not already have this application, first, download the app from google play store for android users and for mac users they need to download from apple store and then follow these steps. Once you have opened the app, click on a song to play the song. At the bottom, you will find the “Now Playing” bar and then click on the bar.

Step 2:

On the screen of “Now Playing”, there are three dots at the top-right corner. You have to click on the ‘three dots’ and scroll down the menu.

screenshot of playing music on spotify

Step 3:

While scrolling down, you will find the “Sleep Timer”. Click on “SleepTimer”.

Step 4:

A new screen will appear with the name, “Stop Audio in”. Here, you can specify the time after which you want the Spotify app to stop music for you. However, you have to select a time period from some given options, such as 5 minutes, 10 minutes,15 minutes,30 minutes,45 minutes,1hour and End of  track.

Step 5:

After selecting the time period, the Spotify app will show you a pop up notification of “Your sleep timer is set”.

Now, you can be sure that the Spotify app will automatically stop playing the songs after your set time. Therefore, you do not require to worry about the battery of your mobile and you can sleep peacefully. There is your app to help you stop your music.

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