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Install the default web browser for your Android device right now!

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Setting up the right browser for Android devices is very important. Often selecting the default browser can be tricky, but it has its advantages too. Once you’re having a default browser selected, you can easily understand what your preferred choice is. Moreover, the most important thing is it can store a large amount of data for you. Such data can be later helpful in logging into your social media accounts as well as other platforms. 

If you’re using an android phone, one thing is pretty certain, you have a lot of options. The flexibility provided by Android phones is really off the roof, and this is what makes them way apart from their competitors.

If by chance your Android phone does not have the default browser already set up, then you might need to set it up by yourself.

So without wasting any further time, let us find out how can you set up a default browser for your Android device.

And if you’re still not done it yet it is high time that you continue reading this article so that you just set it up as soon as possible.

Setting up Chrome as your Android Default Browser

  1. Click on settings and open the settings option.
  2. Tap on the “Apps” menu
  3. You can find three dots at the top right corner of the Apps window opened. Click on it. In the drop-down menu, select default apps.
  4. From the list of options available, select the browser app option.
  5. A new window opens with a list of the options for your browsers. Select Chrome as the default web browser.

Selecting the default web browser for the Android phone is as simple as this. Though it might be different for.Different models of the Android phone, but it’s more or less similar, so you need not be worried too much about the model that is used. As long as it’s an Android phone.

Now that we have touched upon the topic of setting up Chrome as your Android default browser, let us know about a few reasons why chrome should be your first choice. 

Why Chrome is the Best App for Android Default Browser?

As much as browsing has become important, it has also become one of the gateways for various cybercriminal attacks. If the browser is not very safe enough, then it can lead to serious threats for your entire family.

Chrome gives you the benefit of not only safe browsing over the Internet, but ensures that a lot of data is saved while browsing.

We will find out a few reasons why you should actually move ahead with Chrome as the Android default browser.

Awesome password manager available for you

Forget the days when you had to worry about remembering all the passwords, as Chrome allows you to save the passwords seamlessly. Now you can log into their accounts right directly as the passwords are stored securely.

Easy access to most of the website’s features

Google Chrome is the preferred web browser for developers to create a website, so if you’re thinking about having a seamless experience while accessing any website, using Google Chrome is the best decision to do. Not only will the website be fully optimized, but your experience is going to be awesome.

Easy sync with Chrome desktop

you can easily sink the chrome on your device with the chrome on your desktop this way you have the portability of data passwords and previously visited websites you don’t lose out on the important data thus making chrome one of the easiest browser to deal with.

Bottom line

Selecting the right browser for your device can be quite difficult. But you’ve made this choice once. Go ahead and make it a default web browser for your Android device right away.

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