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Learn How Online Proctoring Works & How It Can Help

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If you are a student reading this, please share it with your instructors or school administration. As you read this article about how online proctored tests operate, you will understand it was intended for your professors and school administration.

However, whether you work in a school, an educational institution, or operate a tuition center, you’ve come to the perfect spot.

This article attempts to depict the appearance of the online proctored tests through proctoring software. It also informs you of your obligations as an exam authority and how to prepare your examinees for online proctored tests.

What are Proctored Online Exams

Testing with a proctor involves taking timed exams and being monitored by video and audio recording software and your computer’s desktop. The data collected by the proctoring software is sent to a proctoring provider for analysis. Your course and enrolment track may or may not necessitate proctored tests.

So, an online proctoring software test is the same as any other exam, except that an online infrastructure supports it. Most critically, invigilation is required to safeguard the exam room’s purity.

What is the procedure for online proctored testing

Online proctored testing software often enables teachers to design online examinations in the Learning Management System (LMS), choose the necessary proctoring capabilities, and configure the test regulations.

Below are the steps teachers can follow to offer proctored online testing services using a blended online proctoring system, which combines the advantages of both live and AI-based proctoring.

In the LMS, create the online test. Instructors design the online exam in the LMS as usual, and proctored testing software captures all essential information automatically via the integration.

Proctoring software ensures the impartiality and integrity of responses to examinations given at home. Timed examinations may be planned with the same ease and flexibility as the class itself using online proctoring services. As a result, institutions that use this software are a superior option for many long-distance students.

Installation of software that monitors a computer’s desktop uses camera footage, records the student’s actions, and even applies artificial intelligence to evaluate the student’s test-taking session is required for these systems. When the exam is finished, the data collected by the program is normally sent to a proctoring agency for evaluation.

Is Online Proctoring Reliable

Online proctoring is a newer idea than remote learning, but there are a rising number of testimonies supporting its efficacy. The Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors has identified several advantages of online proctoring, which include:

Improved test result integrity

Even when auditors were directed to cheat in the most subtle ways, an online system identified the issues better than one or two in-person proctors faced with monitoring a room of 50 to 100 students.

Candidate monitoring in real time

The following stage is to monitor applicants as they take the test. In most cases, an algorithm continually monitors candidates to detect suspicious activity.

For example, any program powered by an AI algorithm can identify scenarios such as when a candidate does not display on the screen when a mobile phone is identified, or even odd eye movement or any extra person in the room.

Data Storage and Analysis

The audio and video recording data from the tests are saved on the cloud, despite the fact that the flag is raised in real-time. So, once the tests through proctoring software are finished, you or your team can go through the instances again.

Thus, it is quite clear that online proctoring is beneficial for everyone. Most importantly, in this post-pandemic time, institutions must continue with the best methods of educational achievements. It is at this point that online proctoring stands out to be indispensable.

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