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Social Media – The Evil of 21st Century – That We Cannot Let Go!

deleting social media

Social media has played a very major role in connecting people right across geographies, yet the benefits of social media are slowly getting overshadowed by the problems that it is creating.

The ruckus, created by social media in our personal lives has been very strainers. Research has shown that more than 65% of the people have suggested going ahead with a social detox completely.

The reason being cited by them mostly includes depression, anxiety, and trauma.

So if you’re planning about creating on social media, I might say you stand in 3/10 people who are looking to do this.

Have you ever wondered what are the harms that social media can actually bring into your life?  Before we delve into the benefits of quitting social media, let’s find out how it harms us.

The Dark Side of the Connected World

Other than depression and insecurity, social media brings about a lot of problems, some of which include – cyberbullying, security breaches, life threats, and anxiety.

Let us find out some of the problems of social media is slowly instilling into our personal lives.

Being Exposed to Cyberbullies

Cyberbullying is something that you have heard about a lot over the news, but if you are really not careful, you might end up being a victim of it too. It’s very easy to create a fake account and lambast or humiliate anyone.

But we often don’t know how the other person is going to feel. If we are being such a joke. Social media is given the license to such people who can not only go ahead and humiliate others but can taint them for life.

If you have been thinking that it’s just kids who are affected by cyberbullying, then you’re very wrong. Research has shown that almost 15% of the victims of cyberbullies are adults.

So you are equally having a chance of being victimized.

Insecure about not Buying that Particular Top that Your Friend has?

If you have been thinking that you’re not able to buy that particular dress that your friend has or missing out on that cool party that he is going to, let me tell you, my friend, you are suffering from fear of missing out – FOMO.

Social media has brought about a lifestyle wherein we like to share each and every detail of our life. This result in making life not only complicated but also brings in a lot of insecurity among others.

If you’re looking forward to quitting, social media is great for your mental health. Why? What others do is none of your business.

Underestimating the Beauty that’s and You

Instagram has been one of the major causes of people suffering from low self-respect. People have stopped loving their bodies and they have started to question whether they are in the right shape or not.

If you stop using social media, one thing is pretty certain you will start to love yourself once again. It’s time that you stop underestimating yourself. Looking at the supermodel pictures, rather try to find the inner beauty within you.

Benefits of Deleting Social Media

Deleting social media benefits not only you but your entire friend circle as well. You might be wondering why. The answer is pretty simple. Nobody wants a friend who suffers from depression and anxiety. Personally, I would not want it.

Some other benefits include:

  1. Reduced stress levels and anxiety.
  2. More time for yourself to grow and nurture your soul.
  3. Loving yourself a little more with time.
  4. Having a peaceful sleep at night – This is so much important.

Bottom Line

The benefits of quitting social media are quite high, but you might be losing out on some important information if you quit it the best way to handle social media in your life is in moderation.

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