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What Does a Yellow Heart Mean on Snapchat ?

snapchat yellow heart

Emojis are becoming a very powerful language in today’s world to convey certain meanings. If you are a user of Snapchat, you have probably noticed that there are several emojis in Snapchat and each emoji represents a specific meaning. You might alsohave noticed a yellow heart or golden heart next to your friend’s name and wondered what does it mean.

A golden or yellow heart basically represents the consistency of your friendship with a friend. Snapchat helps you to understand the depth of interaction with someone by providing the symbol. Based on your interaction with your friends, Snapchat will help you realize that who is your best friend. However, the yellow heart symbol does not remain the same all the time, in fact, the yellow heart can turn into a red heart or pink heart or even disappear. If you are curious to know all these things, don’t worry, you are in the right place. So, let’s find out the unique meaning of each symbol.

What Does a Yellow Heart Mean?

When a yellow heart emerges next to a user’s name that indicates that the user is currently your best friend. This symbol only appears when both of you snap at each other the most. So, when you interact with a friend more than any other friend on Snapchat, this yellow heart emerges next to the friend’s name.

However, as Snapchat provides the update of your current interaction with friends, therefore, the symbol may disappear or you may find the symbol next to another friend’s name. If you do not snap your best friend for a certain time, the symbol will disappear and if you develop the interaction for a long time, the symbol will turn into the red heart and then to the pink heart.

When Does a Yellow Heart Disappear?

As the yellow heart symbol depends on the consistency of interaction between you and your best friend, this symbol can disappear if there is a lack of interaction. So, if both of you don’t send the most snaps to each other, the yellow heart will disappear.

When you start sending more snaps to someone else than your previous best friend, the symbol will disappear from your past friend and you will find the symbol next to the new friend’s name. Even if you send more snaps to your previous best friend, you may not find the symbol next to his or her name. This is because they are sending more snaps to someone else other than you.

When Does a Yellow Heart Turn into a Red Heart or a Pink Heart?

When both of you are constantly best friends with each other for more than two weeks, then the yellow heart turns to the red heart. Therefore, the red heart indicates that the exchange of snaps is the most between both of you for more than fourteen days.

If both of you constantly interact the most with each other for more than two months, then the red heart symbol turns into pink hearts. Pink hearts symbol reflects that both of you have really developed a good friendship for more than sixty days.

If both of you can remain best friends of each other for 100 days, you will find the 100 days streak next to the name of your friend. This really indicates a meaningful friendship between you and your friend.

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