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Why Does Spotify Stop Playing & How To Fix It?


If you listen to music on Spotify regularly, you’ll love having access to a collection of over 70 million tunes. It would be like getting connectivity to almost every music ever recorded on your phone. Although, it would be so inconvenient if Spotify continues to crash when you launch the app or attempt to play a tune.

As with other troublesome applications, determining the core causes of your issue can be difficult—especially for those who are not techy. 

If you have faced the same problem, then this article aims to aid you, with better music—read further to learn how to Fix it & Why Does Spotify Stop Playing?

Types of glitches in Spotify

Being the leading company does not insulate Spotify from issues relative to the massive user community, the number of technologies it covers, and the quantity of its music archive, it’s not unexpected that such problems arise. 

The following are some of the most typical Spotify issues:

Spotify start-up issue: Error Code 17

This Windows-specific problem has been bothering Spotify subscribers for years, and it still occurs regularly—The issue emerges when you attempt to start Spotify. 

At first, it appears to be working properly, but just when the user is ready to open it, an on-screen pop-up appears and the software crashes.

Songs cannot be downloaded for offline playback

Spotify allows you to download tracks for offline listening—It’s an excellent feature for the workout, your automobile, or wherever Wi-Fi is absent because it prevents you from exceeding your data allocation.

There is, however, a little-known limitation. Each device may only download 10,000 songs for offline listening. If you reach that threshold, you cannot download any other tracks until you erase some of your existing music.

Daily Mixes Are Missing

Spotify allows you to create up to six Daily Mix playlists—These are focused around certain genres and blend tunes from your music collection with a scattering of other related songs that Spotify’s algorithms believe you’ll love. 

They should show in Your Library’s “Made for You” section. Unfortunately, some users have expressed disappointment that they do not appear.

How to fix it?

If your Spotify app continues crashing, you may attempt a few basic troubleshooting steps to repair the issue. Below are listed the basic ways to fix Spotify when it’s facing issues.

Close Spotify and then restart it.

Reboot/Restart your device.

Search for a Spotify downtime.

Log out and then log in to Spotify.

Spotify should be uninstalled and reinstalled. 

Reset your network configuration. 

In Mac or Windows—disable hardware acceleration. 

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