Benefits of Introducing Software as a Service (Saas) in Your Marketing Strategy

Software as a service (Saas) is a form of service delivery model that companies use to centrally host software and license it as a subscription. This model is opposed to the conventional software licensing model, where consumers are sold lifetime access to the software. The company typically hosts the software or application and makes it available to consumers over the internet. In this way, customers pay a subscription fee periodically to use the software.

This business model is utilized by many leading companies, such as Whisbi, Slack, Microsoft, Shopify, Adobe, and Google. Evidently, the software as a service model is advantageous to these companies, which is why they consistently employ this model in their products. Here are a few benefits of introducing the software as a service model in your marketing strategy.


It is very cost-effective for companies to set up and host software and applications over the cloud that are easily accessible to customers. To create software as a service platform, you simply need to design the software and integrate it with cloud-based architecture, which is relatively inexpensive. Its cost-effectiveness allows companies to charge lower premiums to consumers making the service more accessible and affordable. Thus, consumers are continually incentivized to resubscribe to the service. When compared to conventional software, Saas platforms are significantly less resource intensive.

Real-time Data, Analytics, and Interactions

With this Saas model, companies can monitor pertinent data and analytics that signal the health of the business in real time. The cloud-based architecture permits constant monitoring of these key performance indicators. Key performance indicators and data that can be tracked include the number of active users, churn rate, customer acquisition cost, signups, and monthly recurring revenue. Accessing this data is crucial in identifying factors hindering the growth of the business and sectors of the business that require optimization. Additionally, businesses are able to offer live commerce solutions for motor vehicles using an automotive live chat feature on their website. This further promotes the business and allows for an elevated customer experience.


The inherent design of cloud-based software services allows for easy scalability and expansion. This leaves room for businesses to increase their capacity as they grow or easily downsize when necessary. The cloud architecture could be formatted to accommodate increased user or software content and data. This flexibility is very advantageous for businesses as they can easily accommodate their needs, allowing them to maneuver through dynamic business cycles more effortlessly. In the long run, this flexibility saves businesses a significant amount of time and money.


Software and applications continually require upgrades to fix bugs, improve software performance, and content, improve security protocol, protect data, ensure compatibility, and enhance user experience. Since the Saas model is integrated with cloud-based architecture, companies can easily and instantaneously provide users with upgrades. This allows for increased security and improved customer experience.


Due to the fact that the software as a service application is hosted on cloud-based services, it can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world and on any device with a stable internet connection. This allows the product to have a global reach and, thus, accessibility to a wide range of potential consumers. Ultimately, this increased visibility leads to greater possibilities of increased profit for the company.

Regular revenue

Consistent and regular revenue is vital for ensuring a sustainable business. The subscription feature of the software as a service model is noted to be highly profitable for businesses as they are able to continually receive revenue. With this, companies can also make revenue projections based on registration and subscriber numbers.


Traditional applications require significant lengths of time to be installed into devices. With software as a service, however, no lengthy installation process is involved. A good internet connection is sufficient enough to access the services. Additionally, since the software is updated quickly through the cloud, time is saved even more. Another way in which the Sas model saves time is with its user-friendly design. Sas applications tend to be much quicker to adopt for users. This time saved also translates to money saved as fewer man-hours are required to achieve the same goals with Sas models. 

Software as a service has a credible history of being an asset to many businesses worldwide. With numerous advantages, the software as a service model is an invaluable strategy to introduce into your marketing strategy. It is certain to boost revenue, improve business operations and increase customer satisfaction.

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