How to Create Blend Playlist on Spotify with Your Friends?

Why restrict your music-streaming experience when you can create a playlist with your friend and share each other’s music? Spotify has recently introduced the ‘Blend’ feature through which you can combine your music with a friend and create a playlist automatically. It is a great way to share music and combine two users’ music into a playlist. Therefore, if you are willing to know about the Spotify Blend playlist feature and create the Blend playlist on Spotify, this article is the right place for you.

What Is a Blend Playlist?

The Blend feature of Spotify lets two users generate a shared playlist on the basis of their music tastes. As the playlist gets refreshed automatically, the two users can share their recent tastes in music. Any two Spotify Premium or Free users can use this feature and generate a Blend together. The personalization algorithm of Spotify will automatically refresh the collection of songs on the basis of the daily streaming of music by the users.

Building a combined playlist with your friend and a closed one is always great fun. In addition to this, the Blend feature gives you a taste match score whenever you and your friend generate a Blend playlist. This match score is really interesting to know how your taste is similar to your friend and you can also share the infographic results on social media. 

Things About the Spotify Blend:

  • Spotify Blend is only available on iOS and Android apps.
  • The two users can generate a playlist together.
  • Spotify will offer a match score based on the similarity in two users’ tastes.

How to Create Blend Playlist on Spotify with Your Friends?

Although it may seem confusing and difficult for you to create a Spotify Blend playlist, you can simply create a Blend playlist by going through the following steps

  • Method 1

    First, you have to download the Spotify app on your desktop or mobile. install spotify

  • Method 2

    Now, you have to click on the ‘search’ button and search for the ‘Made for you’ button and then you have to click on the button. Generally, you can find this button at the top of the ‘Browse all’ headermade for you

  • Method 3

    Then, you have to click on the ‘Create Blend’ album cover and an empty playlist will be opened for you.create blend option

  • Method 4

    Now, you can invite another user in order to create a playlist together. For that, you have to click on the ‘invite’ button through Facebook Messenger, email, etc. and a text message will automatically be sent.invite page

  • Method 5

    Once your friend receives your message, he or she needs to click on the link provided by the message. After clicking the link, his or her Spotify app will open automatically and ask them to join your Blend playlist. When your friend will click on the ‘join’ button, the Spotify app will automatically generate a 50-song playlist from the recent streaming songs of both users.

You can see the Blend playlist with other playlists in your library. However, you can also navigate to the ‘Made for you’ button and see your Blend playlist following the above-mentioned steps.

What Is Interesting About the Blend Playlist:

As the Blend playlist helps you to share music with your friend, you can develop a great bonding with your friend. You can have an idea about what music is your friend listening to. While you can know and understand the music taste of another person, you can learn about his or her preferences.

You can also have an idea about what type of person he or she is. Above all, music brings people together. The Blend playlist feature does this job really well as making a combined playlist is always fun. With the Blend playlist, you do not need to send your favorite music to your closed one. Instead, your partner will automatically know what songs you are listening to. While you will stream a new song, your partner can also learn about the song and can listen to the song.

The most interesting thing about using the Blend playlist is that Spotify shows the infographic results based on the similarity of both users’ tastes. Therefore, you can understand the similarity in taste with your partner. You can also share the results on social media platforms and that’s really great fun.

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