How to See Deleted Reddit Posts and Messages

Those who use Reddit in their leisure time might have experienced that sometimes, you can not see the posts and messages on Reddit. You might have noticed that some posts of yours and other users get deleted or become inaccessible with the provided URL. This could happen due to the rash decisions of the users of Reddit. A moderator or administrator of Reddit could also arbitrate the process and cause this result. There can be many justifications for deleted posts and debates can arise on whether the contents carry certain value in order to get posted on Reddit. The sad fact is that you can get back the posts once deleted. However, there are some tricky methods to view the deleted Reddit posts. This article will explain to you how to see deleted Reddit posts.

Different Methods to See Deleted Reddit Posts and Messages

Restore Deleted Reddit Messages and Posts by Using Removeddit

Removeddit focuses on storing the Reddit posts on their own website in real-time. Therefore, this unofficial service gathers the deleted posts and helps you to see them. This service finds out the deleted posts by calculating the missing posts from the visible posts by The Reddit API and the gathered posts by their own API. In order to use Removeddit, you can rely on three different ways, such as-

  • Visit the website of Removeddit:

If you can not remember the subreddit of a particular post or are unable to find the post, you should visit, and scroll down the page to find out the post.

  • The URL Replacement Method:

There is a simple way to use by replacingthe URL. with In the case of replacing the URL, you can take two paths, such as-

  1. To find a subreddit: Replace with
  2. To find an individual post:  Replace with
  • Through Bookmarklet:

If you visit the website of Removeddit, you can find a big red button on the “About” page of the website. This red button is called Bookmarklet This is an optional and shortcut method to visit Removeddit. While you will see a deleted post or message, you have to immediately click on the Bookmark. This will redirect you to Removeddit and you can see the page.

Recover Deleted Reddit Messages and Posts by Using Reveddit

In order to use Reveddit, you need to follow the similar ways of (i) and (ii) above-stated methods for Removeddit. However, as Removeddit does not allow you to search the users and their posts, therefore, Reveddit is more preferablecompared toRemovedditamong many people. There are two main ways to use Reveddit, such as-

  • Visit the Website of Reveddit:

First, you need to visit and then, to find out the deleted posts by users, in the pop-up window, you have to write a Reddit username and search.

  • Through Browser Extensions:

You can use the Firefox Browser Add-Ons page or the Chrome Web Store page and search for    ‘reveddit real-time’ on that page. While you install the extension, you will start receiving notifications about the deleted posts on Reddit.

Restore Deleted Reddit Messages and Posts by Using Google Cache

You can use this method with the help of caching service of Google search engine. However, this method is effective for the recently deleted Reddit posts. In order to restore the deleted Reddit posts using Google cache, you need to follow some steps, such as-

  1. Search the posts of Reddit by visiting
  2. After getting the search results, you will find a downward-facing arrow under the name of the posts. You have to click on the arrow.
  3. From the cascading list, you have to select the ‘cached’ button.
  4. This will redirect you to the Reddit post.

Recover Deleted Reddit Messages and Posts by Using Wayback Machine

If you do not want to depend on different websites or use bookmarks, Wayback Machine is a great option for you to find out the deleted Reddit posts. This global service was developed to catch the millions of websites. In order to use Wayback Machine to restore the deleted Reddit posts, you have to go through the following steps, such as-

  1. First, open the Wayback Machine page by visiting
  2. Here, you have to insert the URL for a particular Reddit post or the subreddit of the post.
  3. Then, click on the ‘Browse History’ button.
  4. In order to find out a specific page through time, you can use the calendar.

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