What is Vanish Mode on Instagram?

Want to chat secretly with someone? Here’s what Instagram has to offer you. Instagram understands the importance of your privacy and allows you to send temporary messages through its new feature, ‘Vanish Mode’. So, if you turn on the Vanish Mode in your Instagram chatbox, your messages will be disappeared automatically once the receiver will read the messages.

Things About Vanish Mode:

In 2020, Facebook launched the Vanish Mode feature for Facebook Messenger, and later, they added this messaging feature to Instagram. With this feature, you can develop temporary chat strands that will automatically disappear after the end of your chat.

However, you can only use the Vanish mode for one-on-one messages. Whenever there are more than two people engaged in a chat, you can use the Vanish Mode.

Another important thing about Vanish Mode is that if you take a screenshot of the chat while Vanish mode is on, Instagram will notify the other person immediately.

How to Use Vanish Mode on Instagram?

Here we are to help you know how to use the Vanish Mode on Instagram by following some simple steps:

Step I:

Open the Instagram app and you will find the chat icon on the right corner at the top of your screen. Tap on the icon to start chatting.

Step II:

Now you can open any existing chat or start a new chat by clicking on the “New Messages” button at the top right corner of your chat screen.

Step III:

While you have opened the chatbox of someone, now, swipe up the screen of the chatbox from the bottom and then release. Once you release your finger, this will turn the chatbox into Vanish Mode.

Step IV:

Once the Vanish Mode is activated, you will find our screen dark and you can also see some “Shush” emojis fall from the top of your chat screen. On the screen, you will also find a written message indicating that you are in the Vanish Mode. Instagram will also notify the recipient and make his or her chat screen black as well.

Step V:

In order to end the Vanish Mode, you will find the “Turn Off Vanish Mode” button at the top of your chat screen. You can either tap on the button or swipe and release the chat screen from the bottom. Either way, you can stop chatting secretly.

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