3 Myths About Password Security Debunked

Whether you are an employee or own a business, security is paramount. Passwords are a necessary evil when it comes to cyber-attacks. It would help to have a strong password to protect your computers and devices while keeping them easily accessible.

How do you strike that balance of having a strong and secure password without making it too cumbersome? Password facts and myths can lead you astray if you need to know what is true and what isn’t.

Read on to learn more about password security, what is proven, and what is a myth. Keep these myths in mind to create strong passwords that you can remember.

1. Using Complex Passwords Is Enough to Stay Secure

Using complicated passwords can make it harder for attackers to figure out your password. Still, it isn’t enough to keep you safe. Passwords should be long, different from other passwords, and hard to guess. But even the most secure password strength can be broken if it’s used for multiple accounts, written down or told to someone else, or stolen through a phishing attack.

To stay safe, you should use different passwords for each account and, whenever possible, use two-factor authentication. A password manager can also help you make unique passwords and store them safely.

2. Changing Passwords Frequently Is Necessary for Security

It’s important to change your password every so often, but how often you change it depends on how important the information is that you’re protecting. For example, change the passwords for your bank and health care more often than those for your social media accounts.

If you change your passwords too often, users may be more likely to use simple passwords that are easy to remember so they don’t forget them. It’s best to use a strong, unique password that you only change when you need to and follow the password rules for the service you’re using. 

If you need clarification on the best password security practices, consult your IT support team for guidance and advice.

3. Password Managers Are Not Safe to Use

Password managers are a great way to make strong, unique passwords for your online accounts and keep track of them. Many password managers protect your passwords with encryption and other security measures. This makes them a safe and easy way to keep track of your passwords.

It’s important to choose a trusted password manager and use it safely by turning on two-factor authentication and making a strong master password. A password manager can help you make and store strong, unique passwords for each account. This makes it less likely that you’ll use the same password twice and makes your online accounts more secure overall.

Protect Your Personal Information With Strong Password Security

It is important to approach passwords with a combination of security and awareness. With the above information, you can recognize common password security myths and identify the most secure practices for protecting your online accounts.

Always remember that long, unique passwords are your best defense against unauthorized access. Speak to your IT team today to find out what more you can do to secure your accounts.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you did, be sure to check out our blog for more valuable information.

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