How to Screenshot on Snapchat without Them Knowing

Snapchat’s founding idea was that delighted users could exchange photographs and videos with the thought that contents would disappear in a jiffy with all the privacy and security. Post history is not credited, but then once any careless action is conducted—it might cause trouble too.  

People attempt everything, including turning their phones into airplane mode and force-quitting Snapchat before the screenshot was captured.

Take your friend’s phone and capture it, instantly.

This feature – is solely for security – against cyberbullying & other cybercrimes.  An alert to the user with every screenshot being taken wins the confidence of the users. However, you can also do the latter. Snapchat now provides third-party applications that claim to obscure screenshots activities.

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Can we go ahead with a screenshot on Snapchat using iPhone?

iPhone users could previously capture a Snap without being noticed—Consequently, that was no longer workable in May 2022.

Both screenshot & screen recording is notified to the user – when taken. Sadly, you cannot trust third-party apps anymore as well.

Keep searching on the App store, for a reliable third-party app for taking the screen capture. Don’t forget to look for legit apps, with high ratings & proper reviews!

Now, the iPhone users are left with a lone choice – manually take the photo of the snap, using a second device

How about clicking a screenshot on Snapchat with your Android device

With multiple third-party applications and quirky workarounds, versions prior to Android 10 were quite screen-capture friendly. Thankfully, a screen recording option is available in the new versions of Android devices.

All you need to do is find the screen recording option in the control panel, after having access to the snap. Here are the quick steps:

  1. Click on the Snap you wish to capture.
  2. Access the control panel, by swiping your screen from the top.
  3. Find and click the option for screen recording.
  4. Select Record.
  5. The time for the recording will commence. Once your capturing is over, click on the stop symbol – and viola! – no more screenshot notice to the other user!

If the snap is already playing, we don’t recommend starting recording – it can send the notification to the users. So, we need to zero down beforehand, if the snap is recording-worthy or not!

The user notification might still be there, – so, the risk is pertinent.

So, it is best to try it on first on another friend’s Snap! With his awareness, to avoid any misinterpretation and trouble in the future.

Does the airplane mode work for taking screenshots on Snapchat?

The answer is no. There used to be a simple hack for taking screenshots, but a Snapchat developer discovered its unreliability and eventually carried it out. For this reason–it is still sending notifications to the users. 

A test took place in February 2022 – wherein the screen recording notification was the focal point. Multiple permutations & combinations were carried out to check for the screenshot notifications. Following is a sample of the tests conducted:

Case 1: The Airplane mode is switched on, and the Wifi gets shut down. After it, take a screenshot.

Case 2: The Airplane mode is switched on & the WiFi is turned on. The snap is opened & the screen capture is initiated.

Case 3: Airplane mode is switched on, after opening the snap.

Case 4: Activate the airplane mode, after turning off Snapchat. Restart it and try taking a snap.

Therefore, the screenshot notice is displayed regardless of the cases tested.

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